Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hork Hork, Hork, Blah

You think cats have ESP? Or perhaps just "convenient" ESP is a more apt description. Happens every time. You're having a rough start to the morning, and just when you ask yourself (in your head, not aloud), "what else can go wrong this morning?", you hear the ever familiar 'hork hork hork, blah....' If you are unfamiliar with the feline world, that is the sound effect of a hairball. A giant hairball. A hairball so big you have no idea how it made it's way out of your cat and, especially, how it managed to fit its entirety inside your shoe.

Of course, how does the cat follow up the magnificent expungement? By stroking your leg and asking "hey, can I have some more food? More food please? Even though I just horked up three days worth? Please? No? Fine. I'll just go stare out the window. Hey, where's the window?"

Perhaps the cat owner has a disturbing form of ESP also.

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