Thursday, June 4, 2009

And It Makes You Wonder

It's easy to read this account from the Savannah Morning News and ask the simple but eloquent question, why?

Savannah woman charged in son's murder

By Jan Skutch

A Savannah woman was indicted Wednesday on charges of murder and child cruelty in the March death of her 3-month-old son.

Ashley Latoya Mims, 21, inflicted blunt-force trauma to the head of Ervin Eugene Terrell on March 26, the Chatham County grand jury charged.

The indictment also accuses Mims of child cruelty by causing Ervin to suffer a fractured rib in February and uttering false statements by telling police detectives the baby's injuries were caused by a fall from a bed.


The more profound question for me is why this woman was allowed to give life and waste life so easily while a dear friend who loves and values life had two loved ones cruelly taken from him? This week, Rev. Gary Brittain, Baptist Campus Minister at Jacksonville State University in Alabama, a man whom I regrettably did not treat very well at times when I was a know-it-all young punk of a human being, lost his 12-year-old daughter to cancer. Just a few years ago, Gary lost his wife, Sharon, one of the nicest people this side of Mother Teresa, to breast cancer.

Gary and his eldest son, Ian, are Godly men who will probably understand all this more than I, and I know many folks who have said that, painful as it is, it is all part of "The Plan." But just once, I'd like someone to say what I believe they are really thinking; it stinks, it is blatantly unfair, and there is no justification for two wonderful lives being taken from a beautiful family while simultaneously Ms. Mims and her ilk who obviously have a callous view of life are allowed to procreate.

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