Sunday, November 1, 2009

Predicting the Sports Headlines...

A few that I am expecting from the anti-SEC sports media...

"USC drops two spots to 6th in new BCS standings after closer-than-the-score indicated, super narrow, really it was close until the 3rd quarter, the last quarter-and-a-half doesn't really count anyway, loss to Oregon. How's that Mr. Carroll? Can we still do lunch and a massage Wednesday?"

"Florida barely hangs on to top spot in rankings after failing to beat Georgia by 87 points. Biased officials force Bulldogs to wear black helmets and black pants, sealing their fate."

"Alabama drops three spots despite bye week. Voters in coach's poll dispute claims they are jealous of Nick Saban's paycheck."

"Texas vaults to number two in BCS after sterling victory over super-double-stuffin-tough Oklahoma State. What Cowboys' loss to Houston? Who is Houston? Everyone gets to have an off week, except SEC teams. After all, Ok State beat Georgia! Yeah, Georgia was good back then! Wait, I just complimented an SEC team. Dang it!"

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