Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quotes Of The Week

Quotes Of The Week:

1) The First-Grader, with an example of why it might not be a good idea to hold "Red Ribbon Week" at school the same week as Halloween. She told us on Thursday, "Tomorrow at school, we're having a rock concert to celebrate Halloween and drugs!" So, rock concerts at school are the same as rock concerts everywhere else. THAT'S a relief.

2) A Production Director for a radio cluster in Savannah, reading a short commercial after a newscast. I won't mention where he works. I'm only snarky enough to do that if it were my old employer, and it wasn't! Anyway, the commercial asked me to "come to the Con-Coarse Dee-Ele-gants in Hilton Head..." this weekend. The Alabama pronunciation of Concours D'Elegance invades Savannah! Is that how they speak in the South of France?

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  1. No but that's sure how they talk in South Carolina. Been there. Heard that. Came home sounding like Scarlet.