Monday, October 10, 2011

Kids Football Picks results: 8YO goes 3-1

Not a bad week for 8YO, AKA Laughing Witch, as she went 3-1 with her football picks.

She got a scare as Georgia Tech struggled on offense, then allowed a pretty bad Maryland team using a backup quarterback to make it close before finally winning 21-16 to remain unbeaten.

The Georgia Bulldogs, with an assist from The Towel, pulled what some are considering a mild upset in beating Tennessee at Neyland Stadium 20-12.  Then again, when you're running game resembles a prop in an OK-Go video, as Tennessee's does (see below), you aren't going to win very many football games in the SEC.  Well, unless you are playing Kentucky or one of the Mississippi schools.

The towel, you ask?  I'm surprised no one else seems to be talking about this, but Georgia's coaches were hiding their play calling from the eyes of ESPN's cameras by holding a white towel in front of whichever coach was sending in plays at the time. I sure hope it wasn't a used towel.  The towel ostensibly will keep future Bulldogs opponents from hiring Heather Whitestone-McCallum or some other lip reading expert to steal the team's signals by reviewing video of prior games.  If I were Georgia-Pacific, I'd be peeved.  The Dawgs could be showing state pride by using a roll of GP paper towels.  It's a ready made commercial - Sparkle, they're cheap, but strong enough to protect the secrets of your Bulldogs, at least the on-field secrets. Made just down the road from me in Rincon, too!

8YO correctly picked both her NFL games, as the Bengals beat the Los Angeles Jaguars in Jacksonville 23-20 with help from a botched Jaguars snap that prompted a mighty groan from the Jaguars fan in attendance.  The Packers then remained unbeaten with a 25-14 whipping of the Falcons at the Georgia Dome as the Falcons pulled the "I'm going to run out to a lead, then blow it" card again.

As promised, OK-Go.

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