Saturday, September 24, 2011

What do I do with this?

As a life long Southerner, I have long heard of chitterlings, or 'chitlins' as most of us know them.  But during a visit to Harvey's Supermarket in Springfield, Georgia today, I saw this just above the smoked ham hocks and next to the fat back.  It is the first time I have ever laid eyes on it, and now, I am Jonesing to gross out the rest of my family and most of my friends and give it a try.  The problem is I don't know how I am supposed to cook it.

Shaped like a typical sausage tube, it would appear that I would slice up the loafy goodness and fry me some chitlin patties.  It sounds as if it would match perfectly with my Alton Brown Biscuit Nazi biscuits and my wife's gravy, though I'm not sure she would volunteer to make chitlin gravy for me.  Again, being unfamiliar with the loaf (and with chitterlings, period - I have never had the courage to taste them), I wouldn't want to pull a pork faux pas.

Also, my guess is that the ingredients (pork shoulder, pork snouts, and presumably a plethora of other pork parts) are premium - it says so on the package - because a roll of chitterling loaf costs $4.99 at Harvey's.  That's $3.33 more than I paid for a package of Lee's pork sausage at the same store.  So either the chitterling loaf comes from princely porcine or there is massive demand for the loaf in Effingham County (boy, they sure stepped up the catering for the county commission meetings).

This is no joke.  I am honestly trying to find the proper way to cook this, because I plan on buying some and indulging one Saturday morning.  Or maybe a Wednesday morning while the wife is at work and the eight-year-old is at school so as to reduce the number of disgusted faces in the house.  If anyone has any tips on how to cook the loaf or incorporate it into a dish (mac-n-chitlins?), please pass them along.

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