Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Streets of San Francisco: Epilogue; Gaby Freakin' Sanchez?

That being said, I can live with Buster beating out Mr. Heyward. However, we need to enlist Malden and Douglas, along with Barnaby Jones, Barney Miller, and Starsky and Hutch to figure out why in the heck two of the baseball writers' voters gave their first place votes to the Florida Marlins' Gaby Sanchez. Really? Did you think you were voting for Gabby Sabatini? Gabby Hayes? Yo Gabba Gabba? How in the world do you put an, at best, average first baseman ahead of Buster and Mr. Heyward? One genius actually gave Gaby his first-place vote, then gave his second and third-place votes to Pittsburgh Pirates Neil Walker and Jose Tabata, leaving Posey and Heyward completely off his ballot. Hmmm, I think I'll vote for Ralph Nader, Lyndon Larouche, and Alan Keyes.

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