Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pittsburgh's an excellent choice for G-20

Because when the nut job protesters burn down the city, Pittsburgh will be a great place to live for the first time since KDKA's Harold Arlen broadcast the Harding-Cox returns. That said, I am guessing the open burning of trash is illegal nowadays, and it might run counter to the environmental beliefs some of the protesters claim to espouse. We can only hope there is a Beavis in their midst.

I must say, though, one of my favorite childhood memories was of my grandmother letting me burn her trash on a giant rock behind her house whenever I stayed with her. Nothing says loving like giving a seven year old a giant box of kitchen matches. Before you say anything about my grandmother, keep in mind that a portion of the rest of the kids in Dade County, Georgia were proficient at distillery by the age of 7. I was not.

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