Friday, August 19, 2011

Update: Effingham Commission Chairman referendum

Well, not really an update, as I am still waiting for some answers from State Senator Buddy Carter.  I asked him a couple days ago whether local legislation was absolutely necessary for the county to hold a referendum on removing the commission chairman's position or if that referendum could be brought about via a petition drive.  He told me he didn't know, but that he would find out and get back to me.

For now, my original point still holds:  why in the blue heck do we need state lawmakers to tell us whether or not we can have a referendum on an issue that affects all of three state lawmakers?  A petition drive I could at least understand as long as the signature threshold isn't outrageous. 

And, to answer a friend's question from the other day, NO, I am not about to lead any petition drive for anything.  Unless Georgia needs an official state cigar, which of course is taboo these days thanks to the Tobacco Nazis.

More to come when I get some answers from the Senator.

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