Saturday, April 2, 2011

If the government really wants to help...

...ah, but there's the conundrum.  When the government tells you it wants to help, the ideal reaction is to run like mad, trying your hardest to protect your wallet and your nether regions while racing away.

A serious question, though.  Since our dear leaders in Washington do seemingly everything they can to ensure that the price of gas is within reach of the top of the Tower of Babel, are they not able to compel gas stations to allow me to spend more than 75 dollars for a fill-up?   Most stations have such a limit on credit card or debit card transactions when one "pays at the pump."  This means that, if you deliberately drive a vehicle that single-handedly is causing the imaginary global warming crisis - as I do - you are only allowed to pump enough gas to get you roughly halfway home from the gas station.

On second thought, one should never write the words "the government" (or its' synonyms "Congress", "Washington" or "giant collection of fecal vermin") in the same sentence with the word "compel."  Washington, either through acts of Congress and the President or through the unelected nabobs at the alphabet nation of regulatory agencies, have compelled us to do so many asinine things, we often don't even know what we are compelled to do anymore.  So, as the late Gilda Radner would say, never mind.  And get your eyes off my nether regions and my wallet.  In that order.

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